Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI)

Training Mandate

In one of those days of waiting on the Lord in May 1983, the Lord spoke in clear terms to the Presiding Bishop saying,


"He understood this to mean that the ministry would be involved in training of men & women for spiritual leadership, not only in pulpit ministry, but in all areas of human endeavors. Curriculum preparation began by the last quarter of 1985, but the school began with evening classes on September 1, 1986. This also borne the higher education arm of the ministry where "New generation of leaders are raised".

Something supernatural happened a week to the time of resumption of the students. His wife, Pastor Faith asked him, "The students are expected to resume classes in a week's time, but where are they to resume to?" And he responded humorously, "Is it your school?" As expected, God (the owner of the school) showed up, and showed him a property at 30, Katsina Road, Kaduna, in a flash. He had never been to or known anyone in that facility, but God pointed it out to him saying, "That is the school." As he got to the office that morning he dispatched one of the staff, who when he arrived at that facility, met the owner without knowing, and asked him, "Sir, are you the landlord of this building?" The man said, "Jesus is the landlord, I am only a caretaker." "Sir," he continued, "We need this property for our Bible School," and the man responded, "If it's for Bible School, then it is free." That was how the property was given to us without paying a dime from 1986 to 1989, when we left on our own volition. Interestingly, the landlord was one of the pioneer students of WOFBI.


This is the foundation course for those who have never attended any previous WOFBI program Scholarships are available for new members and new converts

Course Objectives:

- Word Foundation
- New Creation Fundamentals
- Principles of Faith
- Principles of Ministry
- Character Development
- Family Life
- Dynamics of Potentials
- Principles of Success
- Determining Divine Direction
- Principles of Answered Prayers
- Principle of Financial Prosperity
- Holy Spirit


The Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) is the ministry/leadership training center, which serves as the training arm of the Living Faith Church. The institute runs periodic three weekly specialized courses termed "SPECIAL"; the courses are designed to motivate participants positively, towards distinction, both in their secular as well as spiritual engagement.

Courses Offered

The vision of the institute is in line with the mandate given to Dr David Oyedepo in May 1983, when the Holy Ghost said to him: "I WILL THROUGH THIS MINISTRY RAISE THE FOUNDATION OF MANY OTHER MINISTRIES". For this reason the Institute's curriculum is designed to inculcate covenant excellence in leadership, ministry, social, economic, and other areas of human endeavors.


This is a Leadership Development/Motivational course, for those who have attended the BCC course

Pre-requisite: BCC

Course Objectives:

- Dynamics of Holiness
- Dynamics of Signs and Wonders
- Biblical Business Strategies
- Excellence in Ministry
- Marriage Covenant
- Principles of Church Growth
- Understanding the Anointing
- Vision Analysis
- Mind Dynamics
- Success Concept
- Faith Complex
- Understanding the Power of Praise
- Principles of Supernatural Supplies


This is the Advanced Leadership Course, opened to those who have successfully passed through the LCC course

Pre-requisite: LCC

Course Objectives:

- Growing in Power
- Financing the Ministry
- Word Dynamics
- Plan, Purpose and Pursuit
- Christian Work Ethics
- Exploits of Faith
- Exploits in Ministry
- Principle of Integrity
- Signs and Wonders Today
- Supernatural Wisdom
- Ministry and Family
- Spiritual Leadership